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    Pulverized machine series

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    T-SEPAX High efficiency Powder Separator

    First, an overview

    The T-seapx internal circulation high efficiency eddy current separator is the latest product developed by aero aerodynamics on the basis of international advanced powder selection equipment. Its structure is reasonable, the effect of powder selection is good, and the energy saving effect is the first choice to improve the quality of the grinding system after the implementation of the new cement standard.

    Two, performance characteristics

    1. Advanced classification principle, combined with the principle of various powder selection, aero aerodynamics analysis method is used to optimize the whole flow field. The material passes two grades of powder selection, and the classification accuracy is high and more accurate.

    2, the spindle of the pulverized machine adopts the non - pole speed regulation. Fineness adjustment is convenient, sensitive and reliable, and wide range of adjustment.

    3. The wear parts of the pulverized machine are easy to wear, such as the snail plate, the snails angle of the cyclone tube, the blade of the guide and the blade of the rotor. The wear resistance is used to make or carry out the anti wear process. The wear rate is very low. Wear resistant material is used as lining to prolong the service life effectively.

    4. The new design scheme of the shaft bearing seal is adopted, which effectively solves two important problems of bearing into dust and oil leaking, effectively prolonging the service life of the lower bearing.

    5. When designing the foundation of the pulverized machine, the mechanical vibration damping principle is adopted to make the resonance frequency of the pulverized machine and the base not close to the natural frequency of the pulverized machine, which fundamentally solves the problem of the vibration of the pulverized machine that has long been plagued by the manufacturer.

    Three. The main technical parameters

    型號 Model 產品細度R0.045%) fineness 處理風量(m3/h) Blowing rate 轉速(rpm) rotation rate 主軸電機功率(KW) Spindle motor power 處理量(t/h) Maximum throughput 產量(t/h) Output
    TS-250 0-3 15000 250-500 11 30 8-12
    TS-350 21000 250-500 15 50 10-18
    TS-500 30000 220-450 18.5 90 15-30
    TS-750 45000 160-340 30 150 30-50
    TS-1000 60000 160-340 37 210 40-70
    TS-1250 75000 130-260 45 260 80-85
    TS-1500 90000 120-240 55 330 75-110
    TS-2000 120000 110-200 75 400 95-130
    TS-2500 150000 110-180 90 500 110-160
    TS-3000 18000 110-170 110 600 150-180

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