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    • Compound separator is used in sand production line of Mangshan reservoir in Hunan.
    • The compound separator is used in the sand production line of Mangshan reservoir in Hunan. The Mangshan reservoir is located in Yizhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan province. In April 18th, our TS 1250 sand and gravel composite separator was successfully tested.

      The technical features of the compound powder separator are as follows:

      The 1. separation principle is advanced: the product has a variety of classification systems. According to the characteristics of sand and stone, the aero aerodynamics analysis method is used to optimize the design of the material flow field, which makes the equipment running resistance significantly reduced, the separation efficiency is high, and the energy saving and reducing consumption is very obvious. It is superior to the traditional washing sand gravel separation process.

      2. the V shaped scattered grading zone has simple structure, few consumables, no electric dispersion device, small pressure loss, stable operation and low power consumption.
      The accuracy of the 3. separation is high. In the pulverized machine, the "eddy current rectifier" is used to obtain the national patent. The air flow in the rectifier is not rotated with the rotor rising only. The material is repeatedly cleaned in the separation area, and the precision of the classification is high.
      The 4. operation is simple. The cage rotor adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation. The adjustment range is large, the adjustment is convenient, the sensitive and reliable.
      5. the classification efficiency is high. The "V" type powder separation zone is provided with a multi-layer dispersion and grading board, which is repeatedly dispersed and blown away, so that almost no fine powder is discharged from the coarse powder. In the classification zone, the fine powder in the medium is blown away again, and the fine powder content in the medium is greatly reduced. The diversion plate of the cage rotor is added, and the classification is more accurate and effective.
      6. wear parts maintenance workload is small, long life. The main parts of the pulverized coal separator are imported wear-resistant steel plates, which effectively improves the service life. The whole machine has a dynamic balance correction and runs smoothly in the full speed range.
      7. main shaft bearing seal adopts new design scheme, which effectively solves two important problems of bearing ash and lubricating oil leakage, and effectively prolongs the life of bearing.
      8. when designing the base of the pulverized machine, the mechanical vibration damping principle is adopted to make the vibration frequency of the sorting machine base the natural frequency of the sorting machine not to be the integer times, and fundamentally solves the problem of the resonance of the long perplex separator.
      The double interlocking wind valve is used in 9. coarse sand pipe, medium fine sand pipe and fine sand tube, which greatly reduces the air leakage rate of the system and overcomes the defects of the dust in the operation of the former pulverized machine.
      10. the system adopts double interlocking air valve and internal circulating air, which effectively reduces the leakage of the system and reduces the dust pollution in operation.


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